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Final report

Thanks to the support and feedback from a variety of community stakeholders, our final report provides a comprehensive understanding of the transportation needs in the Valley and identifies the strategic priorities for improving mobility for people with disabilities. Our recommendations draw on our findings from:

The study’s findings and recommendations will be presented to the Connecticut Council on Developmental Disabilities. Through that process, we will seek further direction on accessing funding for the recommended pilot projects.

The final report can be viewed here.

Project overview

The Kennedy Center has been awarded funding by the CT Council on Developmental Disabilities to study the potential for on demand transportation service(s) for people with disabilities in the Valley Region of CT (towns of Ansonia, Derby, Seymour and Shelton).

This study will be examining ways to build on the existing services, improve coordination and expand transportation options in the Valley.

Project schedule

Study Schedule

Currently, we have completed a stakeholder visioning workshop to understand the desired directions for the new service. We are currently examining the existing transportation conditions in the Valley. Feedback from the upcoming public meetings will help to further identify the priorities for the planned service.

Public meetings and presentation boards

We held three public meetings on June 9 and 10 to provide an opportunity to meet with members of our study team in person to discuss transportation for people with disabilities in the Valley.

The public meeting focused on identifying:

  • how, where, and when you travel
  • current barriers and priorities for improved transportation
  • which places and destinations require better transportation connections

The presentation boards for the public meeting boards, which will help guide our discussions during the meeting, are available for your review and comment.

News coverage in advance of the public meetings were featured in the New Haven Register and the Shelton Herald.

Existing services review

We have completed the Existing Services Review report, which assesses the existing context for transit services in the Valley Region. Specifically the report outlines:

  • Current and future demographic context
  • Current and planned transit services
  • Strengths and weaknesses of the existing services
  • Opportunities for improvements related to on-demand transportation

Please feel free to provide feedback to the report by adding a comment in this blog post.

Preliminary improvement options

Based on our understanding of the key issues for transportation for people with disabilities in the Valley, five potential improvement options were identified:

  1. Expand transit district service hours
  2. Introduce zone bus services
  3. Expand the availability of accessible taxis and enhance driver training
  4. Enhance existing volunteer driver network
  5. Expand centralized travel information and support

Learn more about the improvement options.